Wildcat Creek Natural Scenic River in Indiana

South Fork

Put-In Dayton (SR 38) 1.7 miles 6.2 miles 10.5 miles
4.5 miles
8.8 miles
Monitor (SR 26)    
4.3 miles

Clickable map of River Segments on Wildcat Creek (South Fork)

The South Fork should be floated in the spring or in high flow. During the late summer dry periods it may become too low to float. In low water (and for most of the summer) the Monitor Access Site to First Wildcat County Park segment of the creek, or on downstream on the North Fork to the Wabash River and Davis Ferry County Park, provides a better trip than one beginning at Dayton (State Road 38). Monitor (SR 26) Access Point Fairfield Lakes Public Fishing Area Dayton (SR 38) Access Point

Much of the South Fork flows through relatively level farmland, although glacial kames (mounds) may be seen in the creek valley, and there are some high banks along the creek. There is little development along the South Fork of Wildcat Creek, and a fringe of woodland along the creek helps maintain its natural character.

Note: While the Wildcat Park access point is technically on the North Fork, it is located right at the confluence of the North and South Forks. So, Wildcat Park still makes for a great take-out point for paddling trips on the South Fork of Wildcat Creek. Dayton to Fairfield Fairfield to Monitor Monitor to Wildcat Park


Important: The river is constantly changing. Hazards like log jams and tree falls will come and go, so always be ready for them. Riffles will appear and disappear based on water flow levels. Do not attempt boating on this or any river during high water. Please be safe, respectful and responsible on the river.
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